August 14, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership Meeting (MCCP)

Thursday, August 14th, 2014/ 4:00 – 5:30PM

Audrey P. Beck Municipal Building


Present: R. Allen, J. Armstrong, C. Cosgrove, D. Debus, C. Green, A. Hudd-Trotter, C. Josephs, R. Kornblum, A. Kuegler, B. Paterson, D. Petsa, E. Rodriguez, A. Simoni

Call to Order: 4:04 / Motion for approval by C. Cosgrove and R. Allen

  • Minutes approved from May 15, 2014


Town/ University Relations Committee (Armstrong & Cosgrove):

  • Armstrong shared VanZelm’s updates from Town Gown regarding Wilbur Cross Way being closed for construction and The Oaks on the Square’s addition of over 80 beds with the newly opened Royce Circle location.
  • Cosgrove stated five more buildings, as well as condominiums, are to be constructed in the future
  • Armstrong added:

o   Celebrate Mansfield (formerly Festival on the Green) committee is still looking for volunteers for the events on September 21st.

o   The upcoming Four Corners Water & Sewer Project meeting will air on public television and there will be a public hearing to discuss the town’s sewage system.

o   There is also a new road being discussed to relieve traffic on I95, which is projected to be completed in two year


Public Safety Updates:

  • UCPD (Allen): For opening weekend, the project near Storrs Road will not be completed. The Emergency Operation Center will be set-up for opening as well as the first few weekends as students get acclimated. UCPD participated in new Resident Assistant training to provide advice for rounds.
  • Fire Marshall (Cosgrove): The department will be participating in the MCCP Welcome Visits to share fire safety tips. Bar checks are also being planned for the future. Code Red, the reverse 911 project, launched on June 4th and will be used to distribute emergency and urgent messages.
  • Mansfield State Trooper (Armstrong): On behalf of Sgt. Cournoyer, Armstrong shared the State Troopers have been responding to some complaints and issuing nuisance ordinances.


Mansfield Housing Code Enforcement Officer (Debus):

  • Debus will also be attending the Welcome Visits and has been working with Cournoyer and Armstrong to respond to ordinance complaints.
  • Housing inspections are currently being conducted.


Residential Life (Yanez):

  • Residential Life is currently in the midst of early arrivals (approximately 3,000 students), which helps relieve the traffic flow of opening weekend.
  • Housing placements were able to be distributed early this year.
  • For opening weekend, new students are welcomed on Friday, August 22nd, while returning students move-in on Saturday, August 23rd and Sunday, August 24th. All move-in times are staggered.
  • Current student volunteers will be around to assist new students and their parents, as a part of the Husky Haulers program.
  • Armstrong added convocation is different this year with four speakers: President Susan Herbst, Provost Mon Choi, Dean of Students Eleanor Daugherty, and USG President Mark Sargeant
  • Following convocation, new residential students will attend their first floor meeting to begin thinking about community building.


Undergraduate Student Government (Kuegler)

  • Convocation has been revamped to include an ice cream social co-sponsored by USG and Dining Services.
  • USG will have a table the Celebrate Mansfield festival; however, the theme and activity is to be determined. USG members have been encouraged to volunteer for the town on that day.
  • There is also an increased focus to determine additional ways to help the student body become involved with the Town of Mansfield.


Off-Campus Student Services (Armstrong, Hudd-Trotter, and Rodriguez):

  • Hudd-Trotter shared that Off-Campus Student Services will be conducting Welcome Visits at both apartment complexes and houses. This will include two barbeque events: one at Celeron with UCPD and one at Hunting Lodge Apartments. Residents will be given a welcome bag, which includes tips on how to be a good neighbor as a part of the Staying Out of the Dog House Campaign. OCSS is also looking at strategic marketing for the year, including collaborating with Alcohol and Other Drugs more and continuing to work with UCPD for the Start program.
  • Armstrong added that the Welcome Visits have been revamped to provide information about staying sage off campus and utilize peer to peer communication by involving Off-Campus Community Leaders and Off-Campus Ambassadors, who are undergraduate students employed by OCSS to serve as liaisons in the community. In addition to visiting apartment complexes, OCLs and Ambassadors will engage with students living in houses on Hunting Lodge and Birch Road.
  • Rodriguez provided an overview of the training for Off-Campus Community Leaders and Off-Campus Ambassadors, which includes team bonding, programming initiatives, community building, and peer education. There will also be an opportunities for OCLs and Ambassadors to meet with Town of Mansfield officials.


The Eastern Highlands Health District (Kornblum):

  • Kornblum inquired about the possibility of banning smoking on UConn’s campus.
  • Armstrong shared that the University is currently looking at the possibility at implementing a plan with guidelines for strict smoking distances from building entrances and disposal of cigarettes.


Eastern Connecticut State University (Simoni):

  • Simoni shared that Eastern has updated their student code to start taking into account underage drinking and social hosting.
  • The Office of Judicial Affairs is looking to hire additional staff to help with the implementation of this and other measures.
  • Classes at Eastern will begin on August 27th and students will move-in on August 24th-26th


Meeting Adjourned 4:42


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