November 13th, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership Meeting (MCCP)

Thursday, November 13th, 2014/ 4:00 – 5:30PM

Audrey P. Beck Municipal Building


Present: J. Armstrong, D. Debus, C. deVecchis, A. Hudd-Trotter, C. Josephs, D. Kaufman, A. Kuegler, M. Messina, B. Paterson, E. Rodriguez, K. Rodriguez, J. Sobanik

Call to Order: 4:01 / Motion for approval by C. deVecchis and J. Sobanik

 Minutes approved from October 16, 2014

Town/ University Relations Committee (Armstrong, deVecchis, and Paterson):

 Armstrong provided a brief update on the Master Plan Presentation including clarification on the recreation facility.

 deVecchis added planners are heavily leaning towards building around the current facility instead of constructing a new center in X-lot. USG is trying to gauge student interest of the proposed plans.

 Paterson stated some Mansfield residents have expressed concerns regarding the proposed new hockey rink and parking garage near South Eagleville and I-95; however, the plan has not gone to the Board of Trustees yet.

 Armstrong provided information about the upcoming open forums about the master plan, which everyone is welcomed to attend.

Public Safety Updates (Armstrong):

 No public safety or fire department representatives were present, so Armstrong shared that OCSS has been working closely with Sgt. Cournoyer to address complaints at properties off-campus. Halloween was active with high pedestrian foot traffic, however no major incidents.

Mansfield Housing Code Enforcement Officer (Debus):

 Debus reported the existing response to post-homecoming blight issues off campus.

 Debus clarified a question related to a rental on Eastwood. He clarified that if a tenant is 50 percent on the deed of a house and residing in the unit, it is considered owner-occupied and the three unrelated guests rule applies. This includes the owner as one of the unrelated occupants, limiting the occupancy to only two additional people.

Property Managers (K. Rodriguez, Messina, and Sobanik):

 K. Rodriguez provided updates on construction of additional buildings at the Oaks on the Square. Building 5 should be ready by August 16, 2015 and the other buildings will be ready by the end of that month. Tenants have filed noise complaints about waste collection trucks coming earlier than scheduled, so the management staff is working to resolve those complaints. Additionally, the Oaks started leasing for new buildings and renewals for current occupants are open until December 15th. There will also be staffing changes as they transition from having Resident Liaisons to Community Assistants in January.

 Sobanik stated that most recent issues at Celeron were the result of guests, not students.

 According to Messina, Celeron’s office is currently very active with lease renewals and new applications.

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership (MCCP)

Wellness / Alcohol and Other Drugs (Armstrong and Paterson):

 Paterson expressed interest in receiving/sharing some of Wellness and Prevention Services’ positive programming. She plans to include this information in her report of the progress of Mansfield and UConn’s town-gown relations since 1997 at the upcoming National League of Cities’ annual conference taking place in November in Austin, TX.

Undergraduate Student Government, External Relations (deVecchis and Kuegler):

 deVecchis shared that the construction on Hunting Lodge Road is not bad as there is a slight detour; however, Kaufman added the biggest issue will be the effect on Bone Mill Road, which is dirt most of the way and already pitted and rugged. Paterson said she will look into Bone Mill Road.

 deVecchis provided updates about USG’s second community movie night, which is back due to popular demand from the community. They are showing Frozen tomorrow in ITE, room C80 and the event will include someone dressed up as Elsa.

 Prior to Election Day, USG tabled and there were a lot of students who voted and utilized the same-day voter registration available.

 Kuegler shared USG is still hard at work rewriting their GUARD Dogs policies. They hope to have more, solidified updates at the next MCCP meeting.

 Sexual assault prevention continues to be a focus of the external affairs committee, according to Kuegler. deVecchis added that USG members have reached out to both democrat and republican legislators to garner support for bystander intervention in grades K through 12. Kaufman suggested USG collaborating with E.O. Smith High School for educational opportunities.

Off-Campus Student Services (Armstrong, Hudd-Trotter, E. Rodriguez):

 Armstrong shared the first State of Fraternity and Sorority Life address is being held tonight in Oak 101 at 6:00 p.m. Speakers will include Todd Sullivan, Christine Wilson, and Dean of Students Eleanor Daugherty.

 Hudd-Trotter provided a recap of the Off-Campus Housing Fair that was held on November 4th. Approximately 550 students attended, which was a great opportunity for students and property managers to meet face-to-face.

 Hudd-Trotter is currently planning an event with Counseling and Mental Health Services about the challenges facing today’s college students, which is scheduled for January 5, 2015. Invitations will be sent to State Trooper, UConn Police, colleagues from Eastern Connecticut State University, and property managers. Armstrong added the event will provide constituents with an idea of what students are faced with and how we can assist.

 E. Rodriguez shared OCSS is currently holding a Canned Food Drive competition, which starts next week and will wrap-up during the week of December 1st. All donations collected will go to Mansfield’s food pantry.

 Hudd-Trotter added the Annual Pasta Dinner for off-campus students will also serve as a Letter to the Troops event this year. That event is scheduled for Monday, December 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It is open to the first 200 off-campus students.

Meeting Adjourned 4:47

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