October 16th, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership Meeting (MCCP)

Thursday, October 16th, 2014/ 4:00 – 5:30PM

Audrey P. Beck Municipal Building


Present: J. Armstrong, D. Debus, C. deVecchis, A. Hudd-Trotter, D. Kaufman, M. Kirk, A. Kuegler, D. Petsa, F. Raiola, E. Rodriguez, A. Simoni, J. Sobanik, E. Stone

Call to Order: 4:03 / Motion for approval by A. Kuegler and D. Kaufman

 Minutes approved from August 14, 2014

Town/ University Relations Committee (Kirk):

 Kirk shared discussion points from the recent University Senate meeting, including an update on Four Corners Sewage and Water Project. There will be a ballot about the project on Election Day.

 President Herbst’s State of the University address will be posted online, according to Kirk.

Public Safety Updates:

 UCPD (Petsa): First Night will take place on Friday to kick off the basketball season and there are no traffic pattern changes expected. There will be some road closures on campus for the Huskies Forever 5K during Homecoming. UCPD is currently working on a public service announcement with WHUS regarding safety tips, which they hope to air before Halloween.

 Fire Marshall (Raiola): There have been no major incidents. The department is continuing to support the community with projects, such as the construction on Wilbur Cross Way. They also completed fire safety sessions at schools over the past few weeks and have bar checks scheduled for the future.

 Mansfield State Trooper (Armstrong): On behalf of Sgt. Cournoyer, Armstrong shared the State Troopers and Off-Campus Student Services will continue to make educational visits to students living off campus to inform them of their rights and responsibilities.

Mansfield Housing Code Enforcement Officer (Debus):

 Debus shared there have been relatively low amounts of trash/blight issues off campus.

 The department has hired a new part-time employee who is familiar with the town.

Property Managers (Sobanik):

 Sobanik stated there was some increased traffic at Celeron Square Apartments, but the site monitors were responsive and things are calmer now. The management team continues to have high standards for students.

Wellness / Alcohol and Other Drugs (Stone):

 Stone shared the office is now fully staffed and busy as a result of the first few weeks of the semester.

 They are working on increasing educational outreach to students, especially first-year students.

 The University Recovery Community has about 25 students who graduated last year, so they are currently down to six active members.

 The office joined a national coalition that oversees AlcoholEdu and they are going to put together a plan to assess the campus culture at UConn.

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership (MCCP)

Undergraduate Student Government (Kuegler, deVecchis):

 Kuegler said USG is going to be tabling on Fairfield Way to inform students of the Four Corners project. Additionally, ConnPIRG will be promoting voter registration on campus. deVicchis added many students vote in gubernatorial races, but not local elections, so USG hopes to increase awareness of local issues.

 USG is also in the process of revamping their GUARD Dogs program, which provided sober drivers for students. According to Kuegler, USG is working on rewriting the policies. Stone, who previously advised the group, added they halted operations last semester as there were not enough drivers to meet the demand. Kuegler stated USG conducted a Bark for Beer Survey, where students received a free root beer for providing feedback on GUARD Dogs. USG is going to analyze this data and incorporate it into the GUARD Dogs revamp.

 Officer Petsa added Husky Rides is active; however, they will not pick-up intoxicated students.

 deVicchis shared USG had a booth at Celebrate Mansfield where they gave away branded bubbles and families wrote their favorite thing about Storrs and UConn. Some attendees asked about the family movie night that USG sponsored last year, so they hope to pursue that project again.

Off-Campus Student Services (Armstrong and Hudd-Trotter):

 Hudd-Trotter shared the Off-Campus Housing Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4th from 10AM to 3PM in the Student Union Ballroom. She extended an offer to USG to have a table at the event as they have a shared purpose of providing students with resources.

 OCSS is planning an event with Counseling and Mental Health Services for January 2015. This event will be open to property managers and explore emerging trends for college students.

 Hudd-Trotter stated OCSS recently met with colleagues at Yale University to discuss efforts for supporting off-campus students and town-gown relations. Armstrong added that OCSS is part of a New England consortium of similar offices and they invited Yale to join to discuss and explore best practices.

 The next Property Manager meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 23rd from 10AM to 12PM.

Eastern Connecticut State University (Simoni):

 Simoni shared Willimantic Police have increased patrols now that school is underway and they have seen a decrease in activity. They are seeing more UConn students living in the area, so they are working closely with UConn administrators.

Meeting Adjourned 4:37

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