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Partnership Members

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in the Campus-Community Partnership.

The Mansfield Community-Campus Partnership is currently reviewing the committees structure and purpose.  As a result, there are no active committee meetings scheduled. 

The Partnership has been active through a workshop series which has provided an excellent forum to share information with Town Officials, Property Managers, Committee Members and other Community Leaders.

It is our hope to redefine the Partnership in 2016, so please stay tuned for more information.  


As an open group founded upon community involvement and participation, everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and participate. The following includes many of the community partners:

  • Chair
    • John Armstrong, Director of Off-Campus Student Services (UConn)
  • Town of Mansfield
    • Mayor
    • Office of the Town Manager
    • Department of Building and Housing Inspection
    • Department of Public Works
    • Department of Social Services
    • Police (Town & Resident State Troopers)
    • Office of the Fire Marshal
  • University of Connecticut
    • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Off-Campus Student Services
    • The Dean of Students Office
    • Wellness and Prevention
    • UConn Police Department
    • Residential Life
    • Faculty
  • UConn Students
    • Students at Large
    • Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Ambassadors
    • Residents of Mansfield
    • Property Managers/Owners
    • E.O. Smith High School
    • Injury Prevention Center, Trauma Institute
      • Hartford Hospital & CT Children’s Medical Center
    • Business Leaders